Design Chaos is a London based collective of musicians, emcees, producers, poets, writers and video directors. The organisation was setup as a platform to release independent art with messages that are often not embraced by the mainstream media. Since 2006 we have released a number of projects  aimed at expressing anti-establishment views and encouraging oppressed people to define and pursue freedom.


Apex Zero

A self-described 'Neo Hardcore Hip Hop' emcee , Apex Zero has built a reputation as an anti-political lyricist, one of the best truth-tellers in underground Hip Hop, in the UK and worldwide. This reputation has been enhanced by his solo projects and as one half of  First and Last
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OMeza Omniscient

OMeza Omniscient aka OMeziah aka OMeza Meziah has long been regarded as one of the finest beat makers of underground Hip Hop in London, producing most of his group First and Last's early material and for a number of other artists, and is a potent emcee in his own right 
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Le Hornet

A gifted poet with a truly unique perspective, style and energy, Le Hornet made waves in the poetry scene as a performance poet before releasing his first book in 2012. Always aiming to grow as an artist and human being, he is currently working on new music 
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Innovative digital production house focusing on working with socially/politically conscious artists on music videos, documentaries, films and more. Global Faction, the guerilla film makers, have produced incredible videos for our artists within their prolific filmography, working with many of the best artists on the scene today
Print and digital media publication shining light on revolutionary minded art and edutainment. Formed by No Bounds, a charity aimed at community cohesion and helping former offenders, I Am Hip-Hop Magazine manifests Hip Hop culture and spreads its message in both English and Portuguese speaking countries
Pioneers of the Beijing DnB/Jungle scene, The Syndicate have been the driving force behind Bass music in the city and a major contributor to its growth across China. A collective of DJs, emcees and club promoters originally from the UK and Hong Kong, The Syndicate put on epic events with China based talent and some of the world's best DJs. 
DB Bros is a new record label at the centre of Beijing's Reggae scene. Founded by artists with decades of experience creating and promoting Reggae and it's associated art forms, with strong links in Jamaica, the USA, UK, Europe and around Asia they are about to become the biggest name in China based Reggae music
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