Le Hornet is a poet by nature, nurtured in the capital of London. His main skill is writing, which he likes to express over music. He has collaborated with many talented emcees and is currently working on a project with Apex Zero and OMeza Omniscient. He released a book “Just Your Everyday Thoughts” in early 2012, which was a short poem compilation based on his childhood experiences. Le Hornet has worked on music tracks for the last few years and featured on the Pantheonz of Zenn-la mixed group compilation, as well as in video features and at spoken word events during the early work of the group.

Le Hornet is known for his versatility and adaptability to express random thoughts through sporadic ideas or through in the moment freestyles. When Le hornet is not freestyling, he is inspiring youth via skateboarding and promoting positive awareness to his community. 

Le hornet is a constant poetry blogger, speaking on social and emotional awareness, sharing spiritual and daily insight through bite sized sentences that are thought provoking yet simply structured, and capture mixed emotions. Choose your mood, he’s bound to change it. That’s his main intention; to create change.
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New Poetry: 'Eat This'

'Eat This' depicts Le Hornets views on all things to do with food and eating properly. Health is wealth.

New Poetry: 'Le Love Log'

'Le Love Log' is a set of reflections dedicated to love. Click to download the full collection

Just Your Everyday Thoughts 

Just Your Everyday Thoughts is a compilation of poetry from the author's "younger state of mind". The poems reflect what society was showing him and at that time society's mirror seemed broken, so through his poetry he decided to mend it. But just as mirrors look outward he decided to look inward at the true mirror of his soul where he speaks from. These poems will help to pick you up when you're feeling low and you will find your own everyday thoughts.

Published by The Cloister House Press
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