OMeza Omniscient aka OMeza Meziah aka OMeziah is an underground Hip Hop producer and emcee who has been building his reputation for over 15 years. OMeza started creating music as a young teenager, developing his craft with intense dedication, making hundreds of beats before he was even in his 20's. By the time he released his first project, he had developed a signature sound; a unique form of dark, gritty, yet melodic Hip Hop with a distinctive London feel. Having ardently studied the works of the greatest Hip Hop beatsmiths, OMeza wasn't interested with imitating, only in creating and defining his own style.

This  carefully crafted sound was the major sonic force behind his group First and Last's major underground project 'Civil Rights Insemination'. Released entirely independently, the original track 'mixtape' got an incredible response on the live scene and on underground radio, selling thousands in independent and major record shops, as well as directly to fans on the roads of the UK. This release built the group's solid underground reputation, largely thanks to the production of OMeziah. 

OMeza is an equally talented emcee; a gifted story teller with a distinctive view of the world. This powerful combination of lyrics and beats was captured in his first solo release 'The Dilemma of the Branded' EP, which gave OMeza the creative space to express himself entirely as a solo artist. He has featured with and produced for a number of artists and joined fellow First and Last member Apex Zero on a tour of China in 2016, performing at Intro Festival and Section 6's Hip Hop vs Reggae festival. 

OMeza is constantly creating more music and developing his skills, so be prepared for new music to be released soon. 
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